Aluminium purchasing with us is simple and convenient, with all the services you need in one place. We offer a range of finishing services, including powder coating, anodising, and polishing. Speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team if you need advice on the different types of finishing.

Our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast facilities offer a range of aluminium finishing services to suit different needs. Each comes with specific benefits, which our team is happy to discuss with you.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is great for producing a thick coating without running or sagging. At our facilities, powder coating is available in both standard and custom colours.

The applicators we use are warranty-approved and can provide up to a 25-year commercial warranty (minimum quantities may apply). We only use Dulux and Interpon powder for best results. In most cases, turnaround is fast for both small and large volumes.


Anodising is a great way to make an aluminium surface hard and durable. In marine environments, it prevents corrosion. The surface can also be coloured during the process using different types of dyes. We provide a range of anodised finishes at our facilities:

  • Natural
  • Matt
  • Clear
  • Coloured
  • Bright
  • Premium grade anodising


Aluminium responds well to polishing treatments and, done well, can look great for an extended period. AtAlspec Aluminium Trade Centre, we provide many types of polishing finishes, just ask our team for more information. Clear coatings (for example - lacquer) can be added to provide a level of protection from tarnish or deterioration. Polishing services are available for extrusion only.